Driving Zero Emissions

who we are

Who we are

Electromotiv was founded in 2017 in response to a revolution.

That revolution will bring about a new era in transport technology. It will change forever the very energy sources we use to power transport.

Yesterday petrol, diesel and gas reigned supreme; tomorrow we will almost exclusively use renewable energy such as green electricity and hydrogen to fuel our vehicles. This is no longer an ambition or a hope – it’s an inevitability.


Bringing together the best in renewable technology

Electromotiv works with some of Australia and the world’s leading technology companies to make low-cost renewable transport a reality right now.


A wealth of experience

The Electromotiv team is made up of highly experienced professionals in the fields of engineering, business operations, finance and project delivery.


Fully supported

We are passionate about changing the way people and goods are transported by road. Our aim is to help decarbonise the transport sector one fleet at a time. And we’re backed by a trust that shares our values.

Through that trust we have access to $500 million in funding with a remit to work towards a sustainable, clean future.