Driving Zero Emissions

who we are

Electromotiv is a partnership of transport, energy, procurement and financing professionals.

About us


Mass Energy Australia specialises in the design and implementation of energy management solutions for commercial, industrial and public sector customers. Our founders alone have over 30 years of experience in the commercial building, renewable energy and energy efficiency markets. We have a solid, practical understanding of commercial and industrial processes which underpins our ability to design and implement the best possible energy management solutions for our customers. We work with our customers to develop solar PV, LED lighting and other demand reduction measures to help manage rapidly rising energy costs

Beast Solutions (now Flow Power)is an energy and renewable advisory formed by a group of experienced industry professionals who sought to provide the missing link between technical consultancy and strategic outcomes. Beast Solutions provides clear and robust advice on the strategic, technical, financial, economic, environmental, and risk factors associated with energy projects ranging from large solar farms through to microgrids, transport solutions, waste to energy projects, carbon neutral strategies, campuses, and individual buildings.

Backed by a trust with access to AU$500 million in funding, to work towards a sustainable, clean future. We are passionate about transitioning the way people and goods transport by decarbonising the transport sector, one fleet at a time.