Driving Zero Emissions

What we do

What we do

Green technology will soon dominate in the same way that fossil fuels did last century. That moment is still in the future, but those who provide bus services – operators, governments and manufacturers – can join this revolution today.

Electromotiv makes this possible.

Providing the infrastructure to support green vehicles

Electromotiv makes certain that the refuelling systems on which zero-emission vehicles rely can be cleaner, more reliable and more cost effective than they’ve ever been before.

We partner with organisations responsible for providing bus and truck services and help them to:

1.     Plan for the transition from old technology to zero-emission technology

2.     Establish an electric or hydrogen network that might include batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, battery-fuel cell hybrids, refilling infrastructure and/or zero-emission energy generation

3.     Maintain that network

Who’s involved in the process?

We aim to make the transition to renewable transport as simple and seamless as possible. But behind the scenes, it’s a complex task, which is why we work with some of the world’s leaders in areas such as battery power, energy, charging infrastructure and hydrogen technology.

Saving money. Reducing emissions.

We deliver substantial savings compared with fossil fuel technology, as well as fixed costs, removing risk and uncertainty from the shift to renewable technology.

We describe ourselves as ‘bus and truck agnostics’. By that we mean we don’t prefer one vehicle manufacturer over another. Instead, we’ve made certain we have the broad expertise to integrate any system with any vehicle.

Vehicle choice, route features and location are critical – but when you work with Electromotiv, these elements of your system will never count as obstacles towards transition.