Driving Zero Emissions


Turnkey service station, infrastructure upgrades, electric and hydrogen refueling solutions.

Areas of Practice



Electromotiv helps customers de-risk their transition to zero emissions transport by providing battery, bus and truck leasing arrangement.

We arrange for vehicles tailored to the customer’s requirements to lease them. The cost barrier associated with the upfront purchase of the vehicle is handled by us and we bundle it up as a simple $/km price for our customers alongside a $/kWh of the renewable fuel (battery recharging or hydrogen refuelling) used by the transport.

100% renewable fuel with low price guarantee

Our team’s experience with solar farms, PPAs and grid connections enables us to design our charging facility to completely be renewable and truly zero emissions.

We source the fuel component, be it electricity or hydrogen from renewable sources such as solar and wind farms. With the option of rooftop PV at the charging stations, we ensure that our services leave no carbon footprint. The low cost fuel sourcing enables us to provide guaranteed low cost renewable refueling of the buses and trucks.

Service station

A new-age modern day zero-emission service station setup, powered from renewable sources with solar farm PPAs, rooftop PV and an array of charging options for electric buses and trucks, is what Electromotiv is all about.

We own, maintain and lease our charging/refueling facility, at the customer’s desired location such as a depot or tip and on-route. With our team’s extensive experience in consulting and project delivery coupled with grid integration expertise, it is all done with ease, here at Electromotiv.

extended battery warranty

We de-risk the electric bus/truck purchase by providing extended battery warranty on top of the manufacturer warranty and replace the batteries when required by the bus/truck operators and ensure batteries are safely handled past first life use through to end of life.

The unique offering we provide is the de-risking of an upfront bus/truck purchase with a battery lease. We lease only the battery component off of a bus or truck and ensure that the operator savings are maximum with least risk pertaining to battery degradation, replacement and disposal costs.

Infrastructure upgrades

Whether it’s your depot, tip or a dedicated route where charging infrastructure is to placed, you name it and we deliver.

We undertake depot or tip upgrades, provide analysis and optimisation solutions for a relaxed transition to zero emission charging/refuelling establishment.

Electromotiv manages the grid connection, network augmentation, utility arrangements and even a retailer to do a bulk energy supply at wholesale prices.

battery RECYCLING and repurposing

At Electromotiv, we believe in a circular economy.

The Li-ion batteries that we use are put to second-life use in charging stations to enable low cost fuel purchase and to provide grid ancillary services like demand management response and electricity arbitrage.

At the end of life the battery components are recycled and carefully disposed in a safe manner.