Reducing Costs, Reducing Carbon

When you work with Electromotiv, you get more than just reliable technology and the certainty that comes from fixed energy pricing – you get:

  • Reduced costs compared with diesel
  • Be recognised as a green supplier
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions compared with diesel
  • A healthier work environment for your employees

Agreed fee or per-kilometre charge

When you become a partner with Electromotiv, we’ll provide you with refilling for your vehicle when you need it, where you need it for no upfront payment.

Unlike with a diesel vehicle, though, you can refuel for an agreed fee or a cents-per-kilometre charge and remove the uncertainty of petrol price fluctuations.

Becoming part of the green supply chain

“Going green” is critical for the environment, which means it’s critical for the economy. For that reason, more and more of the world’s largest companies are making significant decisions about who they work with based on suppliers’ green credentials.

EV 100 is just one of numerous examples. It’s a global initiative comprising almost 70 international companies with an aim of “making electric transport the new normal by 2030”. The coalition includes powerhouse corporations like Air New Zealand, Deutsche Post DHL Group, Goldman Sachs, HP Inc., IKEA Group, Lloyds Banking Group, LeasePlan and Unilever.

These are the sort of global companies who have already changed the way they view and make purchasing decisions about transport. Many others are following and more will follow in the very near future.

Being part of the green supply chain is no longer an environmental boast – it’s a major business advantage.

Environmental benefits

There are two major problems with diesel as a fuel source. When burned it emits:

  • Greenhouse gases, which worsen climate change.
  • Particulate matter, which when released into the air and breathed by people can cause lung problems, lung disease and even cancer.

When you begin to shift away from diesel as a fuel source, you contribute to a better environment and create a healthier workplace – all while saving money.