Leasing and Finance

Through Electromotiv you can lease:
  • Electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Batteries, fuel cells and battery-cell hybrids
  • Refuelling infrastructure such as offsite charging terminals and onsite refilling stations

The benefits of leasing

We offer our asset leasing service for four main reasons:

Zero upfront cost

The technology that makes renewable transport possible – the vehicles, the batteries, the refuelling infrastructure – has drastically reduced in cost over the last five years alone. But making the transition can still be a daunting financial move for some businesses, especially those considering making a major investment. Leasing removes that upfront cost. We’re also flexible with our leasing periods – you can choose anything from one year to 20 years.

Lowering risk

New technology can seem like risky technology, no matter how good it is. We realise that some businesses are eager to discover the benefits of renewable vehicles without locking themselves in to ownership. That’s why we purchase assets and lease them on flexible terms.


If you’re confident about the technology, but not sure which technology is right for you, we can help. We can offer our expert advice, but our leasing options also let you make those decisions for yourself.

The option to own

If the benefits of asset ownership become obvious during the lease period, we offer the option of end-of-term or early buy-out.