Electromotiv New Zealand deal comes to fruition

Electromotiv New Zealand deal comes to fruition

By Toby Roxburgh, Managing Director, Electromotiv

Zero-emission charging and refuelling provider Electromotiv has leased nine electric buses to New Zealand operator Go Bus as part of a partnership with Auckland Transport.

This is Electromotiv’s largest deal to date, incorporating Yutong E12 vehicles that are being serviced and maintained by JW Group, and run between Manukau and the Auckland International Airport.

The buses, which will run every ten minutes on the route, can operate for a full shift on a single charge, carrying as many as 78 passengers at a time.

Although the electric vehicles are a first for the southern part of Auckland, Auckland Council has decided that it will not purchase any diesel buses from July of 2021.

Managing Director and Co-Founder of Electromotiv, Toby Roxburgh, said he was pleased to see New Zealand acting as a regional leader in the field of zero-emission buses.

“When it comes to electric buses, New Zealand is well ahead in this part of the world. Their national government has set a standard and local governments are either following or taking their already strong commitment to renewable energy to a new level.

“And thanks to this action from government and industry in this country, the New Zealand arm of our business is thriving. We’re thrilled that we’ll soon be announcing new projects.”

Roxburgh said the deal not only demonstrated New Zealand’s progressive thinking, but proved leasing is a financially viable option for operators.

“We’re seeing growth in the leasing side of our business. Leasing has worked overseas for some time now, and we’re now able to show that it works in New Zealand and Australia, as well.

And it doesn’t matter whether you want one bus, nines buses or 100 buses. We provide the same methodology, partnering experience and delivery for operators no matter the company, the government, its routes or its preferred technology mix.”

Toby said the nine new buses were a major step forward for zero-emission transport in New Zealand and thanked project partners Go Bus New Zealand and JW Group for their hard work and commitment.

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