Electric and Hydrogen Trucks

It wasn’t long ago that people scoffed at the idea of a heavy haulage vehicle that ran on renewable energy. Today, hydrogen and electric trucks are not only reliable and inexpensive, they’re being embraced by industry.

This shift is being fast-tracked by some of the largest companies in the world – Google, Apple, Ikea and Microsoft to name just a few – who are demanding thoroughly green supply chains.

But this revolution is founded on more than just environmental concerns. Trucks powered by renewable energy now make economic sense – they can improve margins for operators.

Electromotiv makes certain that you have low-risk access to this new technology, so you can join the renewable revolution. We can assist you with vehicle and battery leasing, charging and hydrogen refuelling infrastructure, training and support, energy supply or a combination.

Options designed for truck owners

We’ve developed our truck services with owners in mind. Everything we do is aimed at lowering your costs, maintaining payload capacity and improving your margins.

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions here. What we offer is carefully tailored and exceptionally flexible. As your partner we make sure you have exactly the renewable energy solution you need to suit your fleet. And if those circumstances change, we can adapt our offering to make sure you’re still getting the best outcome for your business.

Vehicle and battery advice and leasing

Right now, there are hydrogen and electric heavy vehicles available at the same price as diesel vehicles. We can help you choose the right make, model and technology for your fleet.

We also understand that despite the rapidly declining cost of green vehicles, upfront costs can still be a barrier for some operators looking to make the transition. That‘s why we offer highly flexible leasing options on vehicles and batteries.

Charging and refuelling stations

It doesn’t matter whether you’re working with your own single, four-tonne electric delivery truck that you own or a large fleet of 40-tonne hydrogen B-doubles that you’re leasing, Electromotiv can provide the charging and hydrogen refuelling infrastructure.

Zero-emission energy supply

Our low-cost fuel sourcing allows us to provide you with low-cost renewable energy delivered to site to power your truck network.

We can also help you to create your own renewable energy onsite – both electric and hydrogen – lowering your costs further and building your energy resilience. With Electromotive as your onsite partner you’ll be guaranteed uptime and infrastructure resilience giving peace of mind that you can always charge your vehicle even in a power-cut.


We can truck in 100 percent renewable hydrogen fuel by 6-metre (40-foot) or (20-foot) container directly to your depot. We provide a removable container dispensing system on a leased basis so you can move to electric solution in the future if needed.

Electromotiv’s renewable hydrogen supply is guaranteed to be below standard diesel pricing, giving you a simple cents/km equivalent replacement.


We can provide a lower price alternative to your energy supply contract using offsite and onsite renewables, batteries and other technologies. We also provide onsite resilience and backup generation giving you piece of mind in the event of a power failure.

We manage your electricity upgrade (typically 12 months timeframe) working with your network provider and optimising onsite use. Our aim is to make the upgrade as seamless and easy as possible to ensure you can focus on your core business.