Electric and Hydrogen Buses

Over the last few decades, vehicles powered by renewable energy have gone from far-off dream to mass market reality. The world is turning to emission-free technology and what were once described as “next-generation” vehicles are now not only available, but highly reliable and competitively priced.

Today, nearly 20 percent of the world’s buses purchased run on electric batteries or hydrogen fuel cells. That amounts to nearly half a million buses, a number which is likely to triple within the next five years.   Within the decade, electric buses alone will account for approximately three-quarters of annual urban bus sales.

In this new era, we make sure that you have low-risk access to vehicle and battery leasing, renewable refuelling infrastructure, vehicle support and energy supply.

Options designed for operators

Our services are designed with bus operators in mind.

We don’t provide one-size-fits-all answers. Instead we work with our energy partners to offer uncomplicated solutions that relate exactly to your particular circumstances: your city, your routes, your depots… the specific challenges and opportunities you face each day.

We take care of the new technology, including installation of charging and refuelling stations. And if you’re not sure whether hydrogen or electric is the best option for you, you can lease with us and upgrade or transfer your refuelling stations or fleet down the track.

Charging and refuelling stations

Every bus network is different, and Electromotiv will work with you to determine exactly what charging and refuelling infrastructure you need to optimise your fleet.

Vehicle and battery leasing

We understand that upfront cost can be a barrier to entry into renewable trials for some operators, which is why we offer highly flexible leasing options on vehicles and batteries.

We can also match the battery warranty to the life of the vehicle, up to 20 years. That’s peace of mind for operators that value longevity.

Zero-emission energy supply

Our low-cost fuel sourcing allows us to provide you with low-cost renewable energy delivered to site to power your bus network.

We can also help you to create your own renewable energy onsite – both electric and hydrogen – lowering your costs further and building your energy resilience. With Electromotive as your onsite partner you’ll be guaranteed uptime and infrastructure resilience giving peace of mind that you can always charge your vehicle even in a power-cut.


We can truck in 100 percent renewable hydrogen fuel by 6-metre (40-foot) or (20-foot) container directly to your depot. We provide a removable container dispensing system on a leased basis so you can move to electric solution in the future if needed.

Electromotiv’s renewable hydrogen supply is guaranteed to be below standard diesel pricing, giving you a simple cents/km equivalent replacement.


We can provide a lower price alternative to your energy supply contract using offsite and onsite renewables, batteries and other technologies. We also provide onsite resilience and backup generation giving you piece of mind in the event of a power failure.

We manage your electricity upgrade (typically 12 months timeframe) working with your network provider and optimising onsite use. Our aim is to make the upgrade as seamless and easy as possible to ensure you can focus on your core business.