Charging and Refuelling Stations

An electric or hydrogen vehicle, just like a diesel vehicle, needs to be refuelled.

The central objective of our charging and refuelling services is to help you establish and maintain the electric or hydrogen infrastructure that will allow you to affordably operate a fleet of zero-emission vehicles.

In collaboration with our partners, we build (or upgrade) the infrastructure, which you can lease from us. That might be charging stations along your routes; charging terminals at the end of those routes; shipped zero-carbon hydrogen; hydrogen fuel cells, tanks and batteries; charging structures at your depot; or any combination.

We make sure the infrastructure is ready for your fleet now and in the future; our flexible agreements mean you get your infrastructure upgraded when you need it. It also means you can switch technologies in the case that inevitable advances lead to significant cost savings.

Whether you require a simple charger or million dollars infrastructure upgrade to your depot, we deliver it at zero upfront cost and with no capital delays.

Our flexible solutions allow operators to embrace hydrogen right now or become what we call ‘hydrogen ready’ – giving you the ability to upgrade existing infrastructure when and where it’s required.

Charging and refuelling for buses
Charging and refuelling for trucks