Our Team

The Electromotiv team comprises professionals with expertise that is as deep as it is diverse.

We have people whose experience spans solar PV, energy delivery, transport, economics, grid integration, resilience, reliability, sustainability, battery storage, hydrogen and renewable energy generation.

Meet the people who make up Electromotiv

Adrian Salinas

Chief Executive Officer

Adrian is a mechanical and electrical engineer with two decades of experience managing zero-emission technologies from electric vehicles, buses, hydrogen and renewable energy generation.

Prior to joining Electromotiv, Adrian developed wind farms in both Mexico and Australia. He also electrified the ACT government’s private vehicle fleet, installing 50 charging stations around Canberra to support this shift.

When he’s not seeking new partnerships and opportunities to expand our business model, Adrian is teaching his kids about leaving the planet in better condition than how we found it.

“Reducing emissions and avoiding the worst consequences of climate change is my main motivation.”

Omar Leon-Peralta

Engineering Solutions Manager

Omar joined Electromotiv as a solutions engineer in early 2021 and has made an immediate impact. Omar is responsible for developing our depot solutions and ensuring clients achieve the best possible solution in their transition to zero-emission transport.

Not the typical climate crusader, Omar started his career in the oil and gas sector in Mexico, overseeing the operations and maintenance for the world’s biggest offshore gas conditioning installation.

After moving to Australia for study, Omar now holds a Master of Climate Change from ANU merging his engineering background with a passion for sustainability and renewable energies.

“We already know there are benefits to zero-emissions transport, but we are only grasping the surface of its full potential. Electromotiv’s job is to change that.”

Sam Andrist

Commercial Analyst – New Zealand

Sam is our commercial analyst based in Christchurch, and the face of Electromotiv’s New Zealand operations.

Despite his youth, Sam has had 10 years of experience working on sustainability projects. He led an energy management project in High School that, in his final year, won the Zayed Future Energy Prize in Abu Dhabi. This awarded the school $100,000 USD to install solar panels and the first wind turbine in New Zealand to be installed at a school.

Sam graduated from the University of Canterbury in 2018 with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Economics. It was important to him to find a job he was passionate about and an organisation with values that aligned with his own. Electromotiv suited those objectives perfectly.

Sam is excited to continue to use kaitiakitanga – the Maori system of stewardship of the land, air and sea – to guide his work.

“I’m driven to find outcomes that keep the best interests of this beautiful country at heart.”

Stephani Deby

Project Coordinator

Stephani Deby is our project coordinator. Her focus is on ensuring quality and consistency in everything we do. Not only does she keep our projects on track, she is also responsible for developing and implementing company policies and procedures.

Before moving to Australia where she completed her Master of Globalisation at the Australian National University, she worked in a strategic support role within Nestle Indonesia’s Business Excellence team. Immediately prior to commencing at Electromotiv she worked as a community sales manager with a global company based in Canberra.

Steph says her role at Electromotiv has allowed her to pursue her dream of working with a company that cares about the future and the world.

“It is exciting to be part of the future when you know that you are doing right things.”