Today, running a bus or operating a truck using zero-emission technology is less expensive than running a diesel or even a hybrid vehicle. We guarantee it.

Join the renewable transport revolution

The future of transport is already here. Electromotiv helps you become part of it.

We understand that for renewable transport technology to become accessible to everyone, it needs to be competitively priced, reliable and, of course, carbon neutral. Until recently those three goals were mutually exclusive. You could have renewable technology… at a premium. Or you could have low-cost technology… that didn’t work how you needed it to.

Today, with Electromotiv, you can have all three.




Our services

We’re experts in the technology that makes affordable renewable transport possible for you. We aim to make the transition to zero-emission technology as easy and low-risk as possible for bus operators and truck owners – and we do that in two main ways:

Reducing costs, reducing carbon

The shift from diesel to electric and hydrogen drive trains in heavy vehicles has gone from an ideal to an imperative.

Renewable technology has advanced to such an extent that diesel no longer enjoys the advantage of offering lower costs to those who use it. It’s now both uneconomic and environmentally unacceptable to run heavy vehicles on fossil fuels.

Even today, however, you can reduce costs and reduce carbon emissions by partnering with Electromotiv.

Create your own power onsite

We guarantee that, whether you choose hydrogen, electric or a combination of both for your fleet, we’ll provide you with 100 percent green energy.

But you don’t need to buy your energy entirely from us. Electromotiv can help you generate your own energy at your site and store it, reducing your long-term energy costs further.

We’ll support you at every turn

Our service extends beyond energy, infrastructure and finance to comprehensive support. That includes support for vehicles and batteries, as well as to your people, those who work with the technology every day.

Why become an Electromotiv partner?

When you become an Electromotiv partner you significantly reduce the risk that comes with making the transition to renewable transport.

That’s a transition every heavy vehicle operator and owner will need to make eventually, and Electromotiv lets you make it right now, with the best technology available today, at zero upfront cost. We also give you the flexibility to change – your system and your network – as your business grows and as technology advances.

Perhaps most importantly of all, we help you in every aspect of this transition, from the very earliest advice to long-term infrastructure maintenance – and everything in between.